Dark Chocolate Cheesecake with Salted Nutella Ganache

Decadent dark chocolate cheesecake with an incredible salted Nutella ganache. This beautiful, rich chocolate cheesecake has a hazelnut & chocolate cookie crust for the ultimate chocolate lovers’ dessert that’s perfect for birthdays or the holidays!

I’m SO excited to re-share this recipe with you from back in 2012. Yes, over 10 years ago (photo evidence included)! The story behind this recipe tells you everything you have to know, so let’s throw it back:

“This past week has been completely crazy! I flew to New York to meet and cook with Bobby Flay at his restaurant! Whattt?! I know! My dessert was selected by Fage Total Greek Yogurt to be served at their event, and I can’t express how blessed I feel. I met some fabulous food editors, and of course, Bobby. He was incredibly sweet and complimented me on how delicious this dark chocolate cheesecake was.

THE CHEESECAKE?! Can we just talk about it? It’s a dense, smooth, chocolate-wasted cheesecake that I want to live in for the rest of my life. I’m SERIOUS. Oh and not to mention that it has a creamy, rich chocolate hazelnut butter (Nutella) ganache, toasted hazelnuts, and sea salt.

Please prepare yourself to drool.

Coming up with this recipe was quite a process. I knew that I wanted to use Greek yogurt, but also that I wanted to make a dessert that could be presented in a restaurant or made for a special occasion such as a holiday party. It had to be decadent, rich, and everything you could ever want in your mouth.

Now here’s the funny part: I’m not a cheesecake girl. I typically go for pie during the holidays, but I wanted to challenge myself to craft something beautiful and unique. And in my opinion, there’s really nothing better than dark chocolate and sea salt. OBVIOUSLY.

There are not enough happy adjectives to describe this cheesecake. There are simply no words.

But I think that if Bobby says it’s good, well then… you know it’s GOOD.”

What is cheesecake?

Let’s get to the recipe! No, we’re not adding mozzarella or a bag of shredded cheese to a cake (but you probably knew that already). Cheesecake is made out of a mix of neutral, soft cheese like cream cheese, or even cottage cheese or ricotta, plus eggs, and sugar. The crust can vary from using crushed-up cookies to a full pastry dough crust. Different cities claim to have different styles of cheesecake, too! For example, a New York-style cheesecake typically includes heavy cream or sour cream to make it denser and creamier, whereas a Roman-style cheesecake is typically made with ricotta or mascarpone instead of cream cheese.

You may (or may not) have noticed that in terms of desserts, I’m all about cookies, bars, and an occasional really good cake or pie. To me, cheesecake is one of those desserts that can either be incredible or a little bit lacking. Trust me when I say THIS gorgeous chocolate cheesecake will convert anyone who doesn’t normally love cheesecake.

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