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m sorry images


I Know My Sorry May Not Mean A
Lot To You At The Moment,
Please Give Me A Chance To Show
You That I Really Mean It And
You Can Trust Me All Over Again.


Sorry May Be One Of The Most Misused
Words In The Whole Universe
But Is The Only Way I Can Tell
You How I Feel At The
Moment, Please Give Me A Chance
To Show You That Am Truly Sorry.


I Know I Messed Up, But Please
Forgive Me! I Should Of
Though A Bit Longer Before
Doing Stupid Things I Am Sorry
For That, I Know I Cant Turn
Back Time, But I Really Want To.


I Know My Actions Have Created
A Gap Between Us I Have No
Idea How To Bridge It, I Hope
My Apology Will Be The First
Building Block For Us Getting
Back To Where We Used To Be.


You Are More Than My Sister, You
Are My Best Friend, I Know That
I’ve Hurt You Deeply And I Am
Ashamed Of Myself Because No One
Hurts Their Sister Or Best Friend
The Way I Hurt You. I Am Very Sorry.


Sweetheart, I Am Not Too Proud To
Admit That I Was Wrong, I Was
Selfish, Foolish And Pigheaded And
I Could Kick Myself For Hurting You
So Much. I Will Do My Best To Never
Let It Happen Again. I Am So Sorry.


You Are The Best Girlfriend I Have
Ever Had And I Love And Adore
You, I Messed Up Big Time And
I Am Truly Sorry, Please Forgive Me,
Honey I Do Not Want To Lose You.


They Say That Love Means Never
Having To Say, That You’re Sorry
But We Are Humans And Are
Prone To Making Mistakes. Please
Forgive Me And Give Me Another
Chance To Prove My Love For You.


You Mean The World To Me, I Never Want
To Make Your Heart Hurt And I Did
Today, I Am Sorry For The Mistake
I Made, I Hope You Can Find A Place
For Forgiveness In Your Heart I Will
Do Everything To Never Hurt You Again.


I Know That What I Did Hurt You, I Am
Not Asking You To Forget My Action
But Please Forgive Me. I Will Spend
The Rest Of My Life Showing You That
The Risk You Take With Me Is Well
Worth It. I Will Never Hurt You Again.


I Wont Say A Word. The Sweetest
Apologies Are Never Said, They
Are Felt. I Am Just Going To Let
You Look At The Tears In My Eyes
Until Your Heart Melts I Am Sorry.


Believe Me Baby My Lies Are Hurting
Me More Than They Did To You.
Despite Our Fights I Love
You No Less Than I Do Before
And I Hope You Do Too. I Am Sorry.


Sorry For Thinking That I Was Always
Right. Sorry For Not Considering
Your Insight. Sorry For
Always Using My Might Thank You
For Loving Me Inspite. I Love You.


When We Got Married, You Said
I Do Why Cant You Give Me
The Same Answer When I
Ask You Do You Forgive Me?
I Am Really Very Sorry Darling.


I am Sorry If I Hurt You, In That Really
Awful Way. So Lets Make Up & Forget
About What I Did That Day. I am
Really Sorry. I Promise I Won't Do It
Again So, Can We Be Friends From Now.


I am Sorry For Making You Cry I am
Sorry For Causing You Pain I am
Sorry For What I Said, I Will
Do Everything To Make It Up
To You. I am Sorry And I Miss You.


I am Sorry To Be Smiling Every Time
You are Near. I am Sorry My Eyes
Twinkle Whenever You are Here. I'm
Sorry That Cupid Has Made His Hit.
I am Sorry I Love You, I Cant Help It.


If You Forgive Me For My Mistake,
I Wont Think Of It As Another
Chance That You Have Given Me.
I Will Behave As If It Is The Last
Chance You Have Given Me. Sorry.


Nothing Can Erase The Lies That
I Have Spoken. But I Hope That
Watching Me Suffer And
Suffocate In Regret Will Make You
Realize How Sorry I Am. I Love You.